the longest day of the year


Spent all day Sunday at Sunset Nursery in Silverlake and then in the garden, tearing out some old, dried-up succulents to put in a full vegetable garden. Also put together this arrangement of Queen Anne’s lace, bells of Ireland, white delphinium, and lemon leaves. The Queen Anne’s lace is droopy and decadent and makes me think of a bog in Louisiana.

My birthday is coming up soon and I’m thinking of trading up the iPhone camera for some low-end digital SLR? Any recommendations?

I’ll post pictures of the veggie garden soon…


3 Responses to “the longest day of the year”

  1. Get a Nikon because they’re sexy and established… Bought myself a D3000 for my birthday, got it for just less than 600 and a package deal (totally worth it– lenses are $$) Check it out next time you see me, I bring it with me kind of everywhere. My advice is scope stuff out until you find a deal too good to be true yet is (it’s been a good time for electronics super sales.) Mine was from Best Buy, where you can set up some pretty breezy payment plans. like 12 bucks a month and stuff. Crazy.

  2. 2 Tobias

    I bought a Nikon D90 5 months ago, and it is absolutely perfect. It is a little pricier than the D3000, but it has a lot more functions, and the standard lens that comes with it, is really good value (sorry to say, but much better than the D3000, which my brother has). I think it is the priciest of the Nikon consumer-range dslr’s, but by far the most long-lasting camera, in regard to challenges, personal development and technique.
    Jess, hit us with a new post soon! It’s been forever.
    Love, a fan from Denmark.

  3. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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