and these are a few of my favorite things


I have a new bird feeder strung up right outside the window by my bed. I’ve no need for an alarm anymore with the sparrows arguing over who gets a perch. There’s a yellow-ish guy and a red-bellied one that are the most frequent visitors, and boy they are getting fat! Do birds know when to stop eating?

Had a full weekend with a small gathering at my house Friday (a second house-warming of sorts to celebrate new houseplants and the fact that I finally got some art on the walls…moving in has been a slow process); Saturday was square-dancing under a bridge on the outskirts of downtown.

Farmlab hosts the LA Old Time Festival once a year, with hootenannies, square-dancing and calling (which, as a friend pointed out, are misnomers for what are more appropriately called contra dancing/calling), and workshops set in the midst of their thriving city vegetable garden. Work is keeping me through the summer this year, so this was a nice slice of the country in place of the real thing. But what I wouldn’t give for a weekend back home: aimless walks around downtown and drives to the coast, and one of those backyard summer parties my mother’s known to throw — our house bursting with family friends new and old, mom’s folk musician friends jamming in the living room, the kids, cousins, and animals hiding out in the garage “poolhouse,” a big tin bucket full of beer and ginger ale, and the potluck leftovers we nosh on for days…


One Response to “and these are a few of my favorite things”

  1. 1 Safia!

    That would be the life, wouldn’t it? Great images guuuurrrll

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