shut the front door!


I know I said I wouldn’t keep posting house porn (or shelter porn, as I’ve heard it called), but this is so lovely.

It has everything I love — white with blonde wood, a barn-like interior, Dutch modern furnishings, a few well-placed pops of color…if it were mine, I would cozy it up with a few more rugs and antique pieces, and load the place with potted trees and hanging plants. Like these Woolly Pockets, which I am obsessed with and coveting for my patio/indoor area…

Pocket technology allows you to create a living wall anywhere in your house, without fear of leakage...I kinda sound like their spokesperson, I know. I think this is the coolest thing.

While we’re at it, my friend Risa sent me this amazing bird’s nest bed. Obviously I am obsessed with it.

Not practical, certainly, but short of a bird’s nest, I’ll settle for a treehouse. You get the idea. I just think there is nothing wrong with wanting to live amongst a little whimsy…


2 Responses to “shut the front door!”

  1. 1 Peter

    The tub is incredible! We had one just like it out on the deck at my dad’s house up in Guerneville, I could take showers, or baths out back. The best part was that the deck where we had the tub extended off of our property into the forest behind our house – it was wonderful to just lay in a hot bath in the forest and read.

  2. That sounds so incredible. Reminds me that I want to spend some time in the Guerneville/Monte Rio/Rio Nido area next time I’m home. We had a cabin in Rio Nido when I was a kid and I have such a strong attachment to the place to this day.

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