trzy kolory


My friend Anastasiya lives in an old apartment in Hollywood across the street from “The Magic Gas.” The building’s hallways twist and turn, going on forever; in the lobby is an aquarium full of overgrown goldfish with tumor-like growths that suggest they’ve been there for decades.

I visited Anastasiya the other night to watch Kieslowski’s Three Colors: White. I saw Red some years ago at a LACMA screening, and now I just have to see Blue — I’m seeing them in reverse order, unintentionally. I loved Red, but White really blew me away. It is a beautiful and most enjoyable film.

Ah, Julie Delpy. She is stunning.

Anastasiya is Russian-born and enjoyed comparing her native tongue to the film’s Polish. Watching the movie in that old apartment, next to her, with our stew and bratwurst, I felt much like I was in Eastern Europe. The goblet of wine also helped (next time, vodka).

I may not get a break from work this year, but I’m already beginning to feel the itch of summer the way I used to in school. I came across this summery offering outside my office the other day, tucked into a loose piece of palm:

Give me a swimming pool and a lemonade and I am 14 years old again with nothing to do but make it through the 9th grade summer reading list. Gawd, things were rough then.


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  1. 1 Peter

    Bleu is by far my favorite of the three – it’s also the first in the trilogy! Characters from both Blanc and Bleu show up in Rouge, if you look closely…

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