jean jacques cale


I realized recently that I have the ability to give the gift of download-able music here. What better gift to give than JJ Cale? Better known as a songwriter for Eric Clapton and Lynard Skynard, but his own voice feels like home to me.



Don’t Go To Strangers

These songs are off of “Naturally. It’s one of those albums that was the soundtrack to my childhood, played as vinyl on my parents’ record player or in the car when we would go on family drives to the coast for a day at Limantour beach and BBQ oysters at Nick’s Cove (pre-Kuletos when it was still a sawdust-on-the-floor-and-crab-nets-on-the-wall kind of place). There are a handful of albums like this that I rarely if ever put on in my day-to-day life, but that I find myself gravitating toward the second I touch hometown soil. Some of the others:

I was very nearly named "Rickie" after her

Growing up it was pretty much all Van Morrison, all the time. This and every other album.

This is where the cringe factor part comes in. I'm not gonna lie, I still really love "If You Don't Know Me By Now". The video is a classic. This is a rather fortunate album cover because this dude is really, really ugly.

There was also a lot of Steve Miller Band, BB King, Annie Lennox, that one Blind Melon song “No Rain” on repeat (I’ve never actually heard the rest of the album), and my dad’s weird jazz guitar stuff that I now realize was not so weird but really amazing. My mother also went through a brief period in my childhood where she played Black Sabbath constantly, perhaps reliving her college days. I remain strangely influenced by “Master of Reality.”

But mostly J.J. Cale.


One Response to “jean jacques cale”

  1. There is no “jean jacques cale” and there never was. John was born John W. Cale in Oklahoma City in December of 1938. A drunk asshole claiming to be “journalist” from France made that stuff up when Cale had him ejected from the venue for being drunk and obnoxious. Please correct this. John and I were in High School together in 1955 and I started playing with him in 1957.


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