la maison de mon rêve


I read a lot of design blogs, specifically DIY home design, and it is very tempting to simply re-post here beautiful images I come across every day. But then, surely, this would turn into just another home design blog, and considering I don’t really know anything special about the field, I’m going to resist the urge.

But there are a few homes that have stayed with me over the years that I feel inclined to share. I have very conflicting ideas about the house I want to live in one day. On the one hand, I dream of building by hand a small, beautiful domicile from salvaged wood and found materials, placing it on a hill in a forest overlooking the ocean (those questionnaires you take as a kid — “would you rather live in the forest or by the ocean?” — these people have clearly never been to Northern California, where you can have both!), with a well-tended vegetable garden in the back. But on the other hand, I worry that this kind of intense personal investment in a house ties you to one spot; four walls restricts the notion of home, when ideally I’d love to be able to pick up and move at the drop of a hat, free to be home outside, inside, abroad, in my childhood house, all over the place…

But these houses are such beautiful inspiration:

The Doo Nanny Ranch, Arkansas. This house is old-time homey but has a modern flair. I love the use of all white in the bedrooms, and all the glass in the living room (also those twig and cow bone chandeliers!):

A home in an old canning facility in Maine. These images are from a New York Times article a couple years back that I can’t locate anymore. I love the rusted ironwork in the front yard and all the found wood:

Phoenix Commotion homes, Huntsville, Texas. Dan Phillips helps low-income families build gorgeous craftsman houses out of recycled materials:

***Edit: Also this.

The other alternative is, of course, a tiny house that travels on wheels! So I can take my blood-and-sweat-and-tears-hand-built-home with me wherever I go. The vegetable garden will have to be a container garden I suppose…

This is right near the onramp I take to get home!


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  1. 1 Peter

    There are some absolutely beautiful houses in the Highland Park/Mount Washington area too. I’ve done a walkabout with my camera in the area around my house and stumbled upon some really fantastic sights, but I’ve never done one up on the mountain or across the freeway. There are a large number of people here who seem to be very invested in their homes. I have a plan to pull out the camera for another one sometime soon, but somewhere other than Highland Park proper.

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