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I can’t stop listening to this: [The album version with percussion is so much better, but WordPress won’t accept my file type from iTunes!] Or looking at these: The Times ran a nice piece today called The Joys of the Window Seat. It made the front page of the online edition, in fact — this […]

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My friend Anastasiya lives in an old apartment in Hollywood across the street from “The Magic Gas.” The building’s hallways twist and turn, going on forever; in the lobby is an aquarium full of overgrown goldfish with tumor-like growths that suggest they’ve been there for decades. I visited Anastasiya the other night to watch Kieslowski’s […]

My boss’ blackberry just crashed, and when I took out the battery to reboot, I found myself blowing on it before returning it to its hatch. I realize now that I do this every time this happens. Nintendo circa 1998 — old habits die hard.

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I could use a day like this: “I was sick as a dog. No, that’s wrong; there were several dogs in the street below my window, and all of them were healthier than I. My head was huge and tight; my throat was small and red. I took Fuogrip, a charming French antihistamine that made my […]

I realized recently that I have the ability to give the gift of download-able music here. What better gift to give than JJ Cale? Better known as a songwriter for Eric Clapton and Lynard Skynard, but his own voice feels like home to me. Magnolia Clyde Don’t Go To Strangers These songs are off of […]

“Spring in Fialta is cloudy and dull. Everything is damp: the piebald trunks of the plane trees, the juniper shrubs, the railings, the gravel. Far away, in a watery vista between the jagged edges of pale bluish houses, which have tottered up from their knees to climb the slope (a cypress indicating the way), the […]