painting the dreamscape


My dreams lately have been looking like Odilon Redon paintings. Redon is a French symbolist painter who worked in the mid to late 1800s. I first came across a portrait of his some years ago at the Getty Museum and was fascinated by how modern his work appears considering the time period.

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Redon has a whole series of portraits much like the one I first encountered at the Getty. In the series, a woman sits in profile and is painted in a rather formal style, but she is surrounded by a dream-like array of colorful flora. I’m intrigued by this juxtaposition of styles, and also by his fixation on this one particular pose. (I don’t know much about art analysis, but I do know the word “juxtaposition” makes you sound  like you know what you’re talking about. Thanks, College).

My first acquaintance with Redon



Redon also has a series of charcoal lithographs that resemble what my nightmares often look like. This man is in my head! Some of the lithographs are said to have been inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories and remind me of Goya’s black paintings, a favorite series of mine. I’ve left images of these darker works out of this post so as not to induce nightmares. But they’re worth a good google…

I’m off to prepare for a 30-day writers’ challenge that begins tomorrow. 100 pages in the month of April. Wish me luck!

Sweet dreams to all…Do your dreams look like Redon? Or Dali? Or something else?


One Response to “painting the dreamscape”

  1. 1 Peter

    On any given night, I’d say my dreams most resemble the photographs of Jeff Wall – I think I dream in moments.

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