culinary weekend part one


Aaron arrived to town Friday night bearing gifts for everyone: chestnut flour, mace (a type of nutmeg, not tear gas), juniper berries, and homemade olive oils for fellow chef Ben; cinnamon, star anise, piment d’esplette, and champagne vinegar for me and Hathanh, acting sous chefs. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in over three years since college, making the reunion feel a bit like The Big Chill (minus the dead friend and stellar Motown soundtrack — we had the Food Network as background sound instead).

While Ben and Aaron prepared for our big five-course tasting menu the next day, Hathanh and I rolled out the dough Ben had created for chestnut flour pasta. I was amazed to learn how easy it is to make fresh pasta, and how such a simple thing can make such an impressive meal with negligible seasoning or sauce.

Aaron and Ben describe how to make pasta dough:

Or download here

Rolling out the dough while Ben and Aaron prep in the kitchen. Photo credit Hathanh Nguyen.

The final rolled out and cut pasta. Photo credit Hathanh.

Homemade chestnut flour pasta with fennel, red pepper flakes, brown butter, Arabian Family olive oil, and shaved pecorino. Photo credit Hathanh.

The weekend was documented with images by the lovely and talented Hathanh. You can see more of her photos at her shiny new wordpress blog. Photos and the menu for our big Saturday meal to come soon…


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  1. delish!

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