the lupine lady


The first bee of the season made its way in through my open window today. Spring is here and it is announcing itself in full sunshine, the smell of honeysuckle in the air, and the most delightful cornucopia of fresh, fair-weather produce at the market.

Strawberries, dandelion greens, bosc pears, avocados, clementines, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, zucchini

I took a long walk around the hills of Mount Washington today. My favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon is to get good and lost in the neighborhood, and discover new favorite homes, neighbors (today I met Jerry, who’s helping me get involved with the community composting project), new pathways, foliage, and views. There are vistas in Mount Washington that are compared to Tuscany; others offer a view of the cityscape unlike any I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately my iphone camera can’t quite capture the grandeur, but here’s a taste of what I saw today.

Homes on the hillside


It's not exactly a tiny house, but I'd settle for something tucked away like this with a roof of lavender flowers over the porch.


I’m trying to learn my flora and fauna — a little googling confirms my suspicion that these are lupins. I have a very specific memory from childhood of loving a book called The Lupine Lady. I’ve tried to find this book online but it doesn’t seem to exist. Perhaps it’s one of those things cobbled together from disparate childhood recollections, the way we form false memories from stories retold and old home video footage.

I’m not a big picture-taker, mostly because I’ve never owned a real camera, and also because I really dislike when people are more focused on documenting than living in a moment. But I’m trying to keep up with Blog World, and taking these snapshots throughout the day gets my mind thinking about writing. Only good can come from this…


One Response to “the lupine lady”

  1. I really love the high-contrast of the iphone pictures, therefore, I love YOUR pictures! this post made me smiles times. Mt. Washington is lovely!

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