love means never having to say you’re sorry


Making the first of many guest appearances, I would like to introduce to you my dear friend Nedjelko.

That's Risa hiding out. She does this in every photo, and I sort of love her for not being camera-obsessed like everyone else I know. (That includes you, Nedjo.)

Nedjo is charming, handsome, a real bibliophile, and currently single (for the right man who lives east of Fairfax and north of Wilshire). Nedjo and I are, fittingly, somewhat obsessed with each other. I am also obsessed with our gchat and text message conversations, which make for great re-reading because a) they are thankfully devoid of ABREVS and b) Nedjo and I are both frustrated writers and therefore use electronic communication for a quick creative buzz. For instance (and because Nedjelko might actually be my only reader):

It goes on to read — “Or with syphilis in the attic”. (Too many Jane Eyre references, I know, but I couldn’t recall if Heathcliff did something specifically awful or if he was just general asshole. Which doesn’t really work well for referencing.) And yes, Nedjo is one of LA’s few bus-riders. Whatta guy.

Speaking of great love stories, I just purchased, well…Love Story starring Ali MacGraw and cutie-pants Ryan O’Neal for FIVE DOLLARS from Target. I’ve never seen it. This is about to be the cheapest Saturday night thrill I’ve had in a long time…

**edit** I am ten minutes into this movie and already love it. Did people really ever talk like this?

Oliver: Why do you think I went to prep school?

Jenny: You look stupid and rich. 
Oliver: Actually, I'm smart and poor.

Jenny: No, I'm smart and poor.

Oliver: Why are you so smart? 
Jenny: I won't have coffee with you.

Oliver: I wouldn't ask you.
Jenny: That's what makes you stupid.

2 Responses to “love means never having to say you’re sorry”

  1. 1 Jay

    I had dinner with Arthur Hiller one time. He’s the sweetest man. You need to watch The Americanization of Emily.

  2. Jane Eyre references via text? I don’t know if this is possible, but I love you more for that.

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