an introduction


My name is Jess. I was born and raised in Petaluma, California, but have been residing in Los Angeles for (count it!) almost 6 years now. I am a writer in need of a place to express the mundane. I am turning to this blog to help motivate my return to words both created and consumed.

I will probably spend a lot of time here writing about my daily changing obsessions. A friendly case of OCD runs strong in the family. It manifests in little ticks, like how my brother and I both insist on loading the silverware compartment in the dishwasher with equal pieces per section, or how as a little girl I had a difficult time walking down a city street without stopping to read every single bumper sticker, street sign, and parking meter. It also comes out in phases of obsessive interest in a particular subject. Growing up, my father was always on some new kick – whether fixing up his clubhouse, eating macrobiotic, or looking to purchase a new camera, he would often disappear into his current interest until something new wholly overtook him.

Siblings and partners in neurotic dishwasher-loading

Like my father before me, I fixate totally on small things for days or sometimes weeks at a time. The word small here is rather apt, as my favorite and most frequent obsession in the last year has been the tiny house movement. This started when I came across an article in the New York Times ( about people who forgo large mortgages and carbon footprints in favor of stylish, small living. (By the way, how cute is a tiny url for a tiny house article? I maybe am obsessed with this.) Since then, I have collected books on the subject, read every tiny house blog I can find, and moved into a 180 square foot studio apartment in the hilly Mount Washington section of LA. This last bit may have more to do with my being poor than my dedication to the movement, but nevertheless…

A Tumbleweed Tiny House

The New York Times is an obsession in itself as a place where I cull many of my favorites: the Modern Love column, the “glamping” movement (glamour + camping = these amazing platform tents in Wales), a trip I want to take to the remote Salinas Valley Hot Springs, etc. And other passing passions find me outside of the newspaper pages…the acacia trees in bloom, the Highland Park neighborhood that is rising up below me, decorating my new apartment, the words of Lorrie Moore, the list goes on and on…

This is what glamping looks like at Paws Up Retreat in Montana...what a dream.

But I will save it for future posts. Because unlike the passing nature of many of my obsessions, I plan to be a consistent poster here. Check back often for daily musings, words and images I find beautiful, and of course, my ever-changing obsessions.

xx jess.


One Response to “an introduction”

  1. GURL! I love it! I didn’t know you were the type with passing obsessions, I totally am, too! I’mma gonna love this blog, I think.

    Also, glamping!? Can we please do this?

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