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My dreams lately have been looking like Odilon Redon paintings. Redon is a French symbolist painter who worked in the mid to late 1800s. I first came across a portrait of his some years ago at the Getty Museum and was fascinated by how modern his work appears considering the time period. Redon has a […]

Mouths, get ready to water. It is my pleasure to present to you Ben and Aaron’s fancy five-course tasting menu. All credit, creative and otherwise, goes to the guys on this one. They whipped up this meal while Hathanh and I were responsible for photographing, blogging, and tasting. Such tough jobs! I’m liking this boys-in-the-kitchen-while-the-women-handle-the-technology […]

Aaron arrived to town Friday night bearing gifts for everyone: chestnut flour, mace (a type of nutmeg, not tear gas), juniper berries, and homemade olive oils for fellow chef Ben; cinnamon, star anise, piment d’esplette, and champagne vinegar for me and Hathanh, acting sous chefs. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in over three […]

My longtime buddy and One Helluva Guy Aaron comes into town tonight for a few days of cooking and reconnecting with old LA buddies. I will probably be off the blogwaves for the weekend while we busy ourselves with sauces and seasonings, but I will be back on Monday with a bundle of scrumptious photos […]



What was once lost is now found. A few days ago I posted about a book I loved in childhood that I have never been able to relocate. The Internets must be listening because a search the next day brought me right to the book. I thought it was called The Lupine Lady but it […]

Today Nedjo and I came across the most charming musical sextet at the Hollywood farmer’s market (there is an accordion player hiding at the edge of the frame). I wish I had more pictures, or their name so I could find an audio clip to share. I’ve ¬†been arguing with a friend about how to […]

I have never been a fan of apartments, so I feel very fortunate that the studio I live in is its own freestanding unit with no shared walls. It was actually once the garage to the main house, which is located down a set of stairs at the bottom of the hill, inhabited by a […]