Spent all day Sunday at Sunset Nursery in Silverlake and then in the garden, tearing out some old, dried-up succulents to put in a full vegetable garden. Also put together this arrangement of Queen Anne’s lace, bells of Ireland, white delphinium, and lemon leaves. The Queen Anne’s lace is droopy and decadent and makes me think of a bog in Louisiana.

My birthday is coming up soon and I’m thinking of trading up the iPhone camera for some low-end digital SLR? Any recommendations?

I’ll post pictures of the veggie garden soon…


I have a new bird feeder strung up right outside the window by my bed. I’ve no need for an alarm anymore with the sparrows arguing over who gets a perch. There’s a yellow-ish guy and a red-bellied one that are the most frequent visitors, and boy they are getting fat! Do birds know when to stop eating?

Had a full weekend with a small gathering at my house Friday (a second house-warming of sorts to celebrate new houseplants and the fact that I finally got some art on the walls…moving in has been a slow process); Saturday was square-dancing under a bridge on the outskirts of downtown.

Farmlab hosts the LA Old Time Festival once a year, with hootenannies, square-dancing and calling (which, as a friend pointed out, are misnomers for what are more appropriately called contra dancing/calling), and workshops set in the midst of their thriving city vegetable garden. Work is keeping me through the summer this year, so this was a nice slice of the country in place of the real thing. But what I wouldn’t give for a weekend back home: aimless walks around downtown and drives to the coast, and one of those backyard summer parties my mother’s known to throw — our house bursting with family friends new and old, mom’s folk musician friends jamming in the living room, the kids, cousins, and animals hiding out in the garage “poolhouse,” a big tin bucket full of beer and ginger ale, and the potluck leftovers we nosh on for days…



My new favorite blog — http://nomadicway.tumblr.com/

Thank you Wendy Garrett. This photo makes me want to be in Big Sur so much.



This is what I get from my coworkers for expressing my complete distaste for the Human Centipede movie.

Toothpick-conjoined gummi bears. Nasty girls.

I know I said I wouldn’t keep posting house porn (or shelter porn, as I’ve heard it called), but this is so lovely.

It has everything I love — white with blonde wood, a barn-like interior, Dutch modern furnishings, a few well-placed pops of color…if it were mine, I would cozy it up with a few more rugs and antique pieces, and load the place with potted trees and hanging plants. Like these Woolly Pockets, which I am obsessed with and coveting for my patio/indoor area…

Pocket technology allows you to create a living wall anywhere in your house, without fear of leakage...I kinda sound like their spokesperson, I know. I think this is the coolest thing.

While we’re at it, my friend Risa sent me this amazing bird’s nest bed. Obviously I am obsessed with it.

Not practical, certainly, but short of a bird’s nest, I’ll settle for a treehouse. You get the idea. I just think there is nothing wrong with wanting to live amongst a little whimsy…

I was searching for something in my download queue today and came across a few gems that, somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, I decided to save. I have no idea where I got these from unfortunately. I do know that my most frequent search in google image is likely “young” so-and-so…young Michael Caine, young Bill Clinton, young Shelley Duvall, young Anjelica Huston…Some of the best —

So I’m really just obsessed with Anjelica Huston. In general.

The perfect couple.